This Man Suffered A Fatal Liver Failure by Taking Weight-Loss Supplements

This man has taken popular weight-loss supplement that gave him liver failure

Mathew Whitby, a 27-year-old father from Australia had been seeking advice and doing research to improve his lifestyle. Over the past years he put on some weight and decided to put on some muscles.

He also decided to take supplements to help him achieve his goal. He seeks advice from his friend on what to take he bought two popular weight-loss products in Australia, 70% garcinia cambogia and protein powder with green tea extract.

Before buying the weight-loss supplements he made some research about it and found some great reviews of the product and he’s also confident because it’s made in Australia he began taking it daily.

Within the first week of taking them he noticed that he’s more tired than usual and after two months of taking it he noticed that it did not improve nor achieve his goal. He then decided to seek medical advice, the doctor informed him that he had a fatal liver failure.

This man has taken popular weight-loss supplement that gave him liver failure

The doctor gave him two weeks to live, and informed him that he needs liver transplant, he also has no choice but to accept a liver with hepatitis B. He now needs to take a tablet everyday for the rest of his life for it.

Mathew Whitby has a message for those who takes weight-loss supplements that can save your life :

“Do your research and ask your doctor about the product before taking it. I wouldn’t recommend shakes in general, just diet and exercise.Hopefully [my case] will convince people to do it the natural way. I learnt that the hard way.”